Today Supply Chain Canada has launched a new and important initiative.

Here is what Christian Buhagiar posted today.

“Today I am excited to launch a new and important initiative at Supply Chain Canada.

To continue to build upon our growing advocacy success, we are establishing a new infrastructure to support our work. We are creating a series of national Policy Advisory Groups (PAGs) as part of the continued maturation of our advocacy efforts that give voice to the association, its members, and the wider supply chain community in Canada.

The PAGs will cover eleven key public policy areas of supply chain with a particular emphasis on areas that necessitate thoughtful discussion from a policy-making perspective and where critical challenges may arise that have an impact on the profession and Canadian organizations. The chair of each PAG will also serve on new Critical Issues Committee (CIC) that I will be chairing.

The work of the PAGs and CIC will continue to elevate the influence and stature of the association and the profession, helping elevate all who work within supply chain. This is also a powerful way for supply chain leaders to be engaged directly with our association. We also expect that the discussions and learnings from these PAGs will help inform our members on the timeliest issues affecting supply chains, creating additional value for their membership. The benefits to those who will serve on the PAGs include being at the forefront of issues, sharing knowledge with some of the brightest minds across the country, developing an unmatched network in these areas, directly influencing policy makers across the country, positioning themselves and their organizations as influencers, and helping strengthen our country’s supply chain plan, response, and resilience.

PAGs are being created in the following areas:
* Construction Supply Chain
* Energy Supply Chain
* Food Supply Chain
* Healthcare and Pharma Supply Chain
* Supply Chain Labour and Training
* Manufacturing Supply Chain
* Natural Resources and Extractives Supply Chain
* Public Sector Procurement and Diversification
* Retail Supply Chain
* Supply Chain in the North
* Transportation and Logistics

Today we begin inviting expressions of interest to serve on these PAGs. Have experience and expertise in any of these areas? Submit your expression of interest in serving on a PAG today at

Please note that PAGs are open to both members and non-members of the association. Know someone who should be involved? Please tag them and share this information.”

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