Sometimes, as an individual you might take what you do for granted. You might take short cuts and fall into patterns. In my case, I have a couple best friends that I have mentioned in previous posts. I will call them by their real names (Why and Who). As in Why do I need and Who is going to use. I am sure that you are very familiar with these two.

Recently, I have become aware that I have been cheating on Why and Who with How. In a lot of my previous presentations, I have been so focused on How that I forgot that it is Why and Who that need to be invited to the discussion. Without them, it is not possible to make sure that your audience gets to know and understand what is being presented.

When Why and Who are engaged, then creativity flows and the rest of the group will want to know or do more. When How is only invited, then everyone is at a loss to figure out why it applies to them.

So remember to focus first on the Why and Who before you ask How to help.



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