I hope we don’t have to go back to when every day and every hour was spent on Zoom, Teams, Chime or any of the other video conferencing applications. The image below are just a few of the challenges.

For a while, I was spending about 7 hours a day every day on calls. Thanfully, I am now fortunate that I only have to do one a day or every second day

I have noticed that some people are still uncomfortable if they are working off-site with everyday distractions.

It could be your dog barking or your child crying, or, in my case, my cat suddenly appearing on screen like a giant tiger as he perches on my shoulder.

I even had a rooster crowing in the background a few weeks ago. The other person on the call is from Pakistan, and his power went off just before the call. He traveled 30 minutes to the closest location to still be on the call.

You will hear more about Haseeb in a future post.


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