Do you have a plan?

I am fortunate that I get to talk to a lot of people. Some are just starting their career while others are looking for their next challenge. It is amazing how many I hear who are interested in starting their own company. I started Cambridge Solutions Inc in 1993 and QCsolver Inc. in 2012 and boy it would have been nice to know what I know now.

If you are adventurous and want to work for yourself remember the following points and maybe use this guide.

1. It is easier to do the work than to get the work.
2. Most who tell you how great you are now might not be there for you once you leave the company you are working for.
3. You had better have a lot of money saved because it will take a while to get established.
4. Business will be famine and feast so save for when the famine hits.
5. Be prepared to pivot. What you have to sell may not be what people are buying.
6. Remember that you can do it but you might need a bit of help from your friends.
7. The best time to start is now
8. Best way to start is by talking to a lot of people
9. Someone who says your idea is great but won’t hire you to do the work isn’t someone that you should take advice from.
10. You will get a lot of advice and some of it might be bad.


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