QCsolver Inc. is spending a lot more time creating visualizations and building the skills of our team.
Previously we used what everyone else was using which of course was Excel. It might not matter which software tool you use but what is important is to have someone who understands and can interpret the data.
We decided we wanted to become better at telling a story. We wanted to be able to showcase a story where it is easy to determine trends, workload, and risk.
We made a switch and time was well spent learning how to use Tableau.
We are now focusing on Microsoft Power BI. What we wanted was to continue to learn and grow as an organization. Our new hashtag#dashboards are going to incorporate drill-downs where appropriate.
Recently we have been reviewing software for others to use and almost all of them have a dashboard. Unfortunately, a lot of our customers and prospects are dealing with legacy systems and they don’t have the luxury of what has become common which is visualization.
How do you get started on your journey? Well, I would take a look at the document attached. Sorry, I don’t know who is the author or I would give them a well-deserved credit.

Soon we will be showcasing our visuals. We are blending QCsolver Inc. data with ERP data to find savings and efficiencies.
Stay tuned as QCsolver Inc. and Wolfe Procurement are teaming up to create your visual future.



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