Going for a job interview does not have to be stressful. Remember the process should be a two way event. They are going to learn about you and you are going to learn about them.

The best thing you can do is be yourself and make sure you have done your research. Find out more about the company, their goals, market performance and who is on the interview team. Take advantage of Glassdoor to get a sense of the company as posted by people who are no longer there. Remember they all left for a reason so don’t be surprised by a few negative comments.

Read this great hand out on the Top Behavioral interview questions and how to answer them. I believe that Harshit Srivastava has done an excellent job of capturing some of the toughest questions.

The last thing to remember is to practice your answers if you tend to be nervous. Take your time to formulate your answer so that you get your point across. Make a list of key terms, events and accomplishments so that you can add these while you answer questions.

Sorry, one last last thing. Have fun, after all you are interviewing them to see if they are lucky enough to be able to hire you. 🙂


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