Members may come from diverse industries, yet most do share common needs and face similar challenges. Some of these include sustaining effective office and plant environments strengthening their supply chain and improving talent acquisition processes.

With this in mind, we are happy to introduce another strategic alliance with a like minded organization that is committed to offering value added services to our members.

Schooley Mitchell cost reduction specialists focus on helping you maximize profits by staying on top of the marketplace on your behalf – and making sure you don’t pay more than you should for your various business services.

Top sectors they focus on:

Telecom services • Merchant Services • Electronic Logging Devices • eSignatures • Courier/Shipping Optimization • Waste Expense Management • Fuel – Fleet and Manufacturing Processes • Utilities Auditing

Schooley Mitchell’s work is based on a symbiotic, mutually beneficial model – they are driven by producing results for their clients and have no ties to vendors or service providers. Their fees are self-funded by a portion of the savings they find – no savings, no charge to you.

Click the link here to find out more about their professional services!



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