You might have noticed that I have been mentioning QCsolver a lot lately in celebration of Purchasing Month. I thought it was time to make sure my network had a better understanding of how their work load might be a lot easier if they decided to consider using our Supply Chain platform and services (

QCsolver has been in existence since 2007 and now there are a few more competitors out there. What is also true is that there are also a lot fewer supply chain professionals with spare time. These proud individuals are working with older systems that were finance driven and not optimized for what they do.

If you are frustrated with not having the tools to do your work, if your systems have gaps and pain points, if you don’t have a huge budget to fix what you have and you don’t seem to have enough time in the day then why not ask for our help.

We pride ourselves on having a flexible system coupled with a high level of customer services which is why you can leverage our system and people and free up your time to focus on other areas.



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