I thought it made sense to cover off cold calling statistics on the biggest day for deception and bluff.

In Canada, we have what is known as CASL (Canada’s anti-spam legislation) that is supposed to stop spamming. If you are lucky enough to not have received a call from “Revenue Canada” or someone that has an urgent needs to clean your ducts then you are indeed lucky. For some reason, I am still getting weight loss and hair growing emails which I am “sure” are spam. Which means that as valuable as CASL is, it doesn’t stop the real culprits.

For those that still believe in using the phone then this Hubspot list is for you. Our respective tendencies is to use either mail, chats or other social media to communicate. Sometimes it is simply nice to talk to someone.

Kinetic GPO uses HubSpot to help us manage our workload. I try and keep track of my own statistics. 20% of my time is spent on video calls, 1% on phone calls and 49% are emails from my contacts. The other 31% are emails that I send out.

How would you measure up?



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