There have been a lot of courses and webinars developed regarding this topic. Every step as outlined in the image below is of course easier said than done. It takes a lot of planning and effort to even make a very small difference.

Depending on the size of your organization you may take years to complete the journey.

I saw something in this process flow that I thought made a lot of sense. I am noticing more and more that we are a civilization of inclusion and we are constantly working hard to make it happen.

Yet, we often fail. Which got me thinking, why? Step 9 in the process mapped below is perhaps one of the main reasons why? Maybe we spend too much time trying to get the minority and unwilling onboard.

This group is not to be ignored as they could have valid reasons for their resistance. I am just thinking aloud that not trying to include everyone all the time might be a way to make things happen faster.

Once the transformation has started then it is time to look at step 10 and review the results, talk to the unwilling (step 9) and make a course correction if needed.



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