On Monday, I had a chance to talk to someone who lives and works in France who is having supply chain challenges. Not very unusual based on what I am hearing. What they said was that she was trying to source titanium parts which in the best of times is not an easy task.

This conversation reminded me of other shortages and in particular how the change to electric vehicles is going to make certain base metals scarce. Which got me thinking about where these rare earths are sourced.

I keep on hearing the impact the war in Europe is having on the flow of goods and that new sources of raw materials are going to have to be developed.

I always knew that Canada, the United States, Australia and China have a lot of mineral reserves. What I found interesting about the image below is that Vietnam, India and Brazil have some of the largest reserves.

I will leave it up to you to debate the value of new commercialization versus recycling and sustainability. I will just let the image provide you some ideas on what you might need to do next.



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