Often these words bring a level of fear. What am I doing wrong? Why are they looking at what we are doing? What did I miss?

You get it. A lot of angst and pondering.

In my career, I have always had an appreciation of an audit. It is about what could we do better. What are we missing that we can fix.

Having a third party take a look at what you are doing should allow you to improve and not be seen as an act of punishment. There is no way that everyone is doing everything perfectly. Audits are just as likely to note what you are doing well just as much as telling you what you need to work on.

Are you ready for your audit? Do you have an idea of your gaps. Might you need someone to take a look before a formal audit is conducted.

Let me know if I can help to introduce you to someone who has the skills and talent to get you ready both process wise and mentally for your next audit.



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