Based on this report from Statista it does appear that there is an explosive growth trend. I knew it was big. I just didn’t realize that it was HUGE.

I do have my own effective way of handling scam artists. If in doubt I hang up on all calls that mention CRA or Visa/Mastercard payments. My “ducks” are clean so I thank them for their call. I am often hard of hearing on these calls and ask them to repeat themselves until they give up. I wait for the first hello from them before I even respond. They spoof their number so you can never tell who it is until they start talking. I never say yes in case I am being recorded and the yes will be used as proof of my consent. I ignore all emails that are suspicious. I never forward an email to a friend no mater how much luck they will receive. I am not lucky to win any random prize.

Most of all I am cautious and perhaps skeptical. Which is why I hope I remain off this chart.



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