When I started to use LinkedIn, I set myself a goal. I wanted to have 500 connections which to me seemed like a lot. I was very cautious at first. You had to be in supply chain or I had to have worked with you.

My next goal was to hit 1,000 connections. I love connecting and helping and my theory was more connections should mean more opportunities.

In the space of 4 more years I have grown my network and have enjoyed seeing these individuals grow, succeed, learn and share. My connections are as diverse as the picture below. They live in far off lands and close to home.

My last goal was to have more followers than the number of inhabitants of my home town of Timiskaming Shores.

I guess I picked that number because it was what I call a stretch goal. I wasn’t sure that I would make but it did which goes to show you that if you have a goal then it can become a reality.

You will have to look up Timiskaming Shores to find out the number and round up to the nearest 1,000 if you are wondering.

What is next? I don’t have any new goals. I am going to enjoy the company of this group and I am looking forward to meeting a few more along the way.

I am sure that after I have finished the coast to coast travelling marathon that I am currently on with Kinetic, that there will be few more friends collected along the way.

Their curiosity and passion fuel what I do. To everyone out there thank you for being you!



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