I saw this image which I thought should be shared. It was Dr. David Weiss that brought this to my attention and his Data Source: AnnaVitals and AdiomaApp.

Which leads me back to what I never do. I don’t tend to give up. Perhaps it was because when I was younger I was told by my high school guidance councilor that I would never graduate high school. When you are starting your career you might often compare yourself a lot to others and come up wanting.

I decided that the best trait for me to have is the ability to not give up. To stop and reflect what I have accomplished and not focus too much on my failures. When I hear no, I translate it to not yet. When I have a set back, I focus on the negative things that might have happened if I had gotten what I originally wanted. Then reflect on the great things I have accomplished.

Too many people have an excuse to give up. Which of course is easy to do. Change any of these road blocks and perhaps you will be inspired to greater heights and happiness.


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