Organizations typically are in a variety of states depending on their culture, circumstances, or leadership.

This document provides you with insights on why each operating model exists.

This is also my chance to pay tribute to a leader in the field of procurement.

A lot of us knew Michiel Leenders and even attended his workshops on this very topic.

Mike was the main author of three case method books and taught case learning, writing, and teaching workshops to over 15,000 participants in more the 40 countries. The fourth edition of Teaching with Cases was completed just this year.

At Ivey Business School at Western University, he was the founding director of the Ivey Purchasing Managers Index from 1998 until 2015 as Professor Emeritus after his official retirement.

Sadly Mike passed away on Saturday, Nov 25, 2023, at the age of 88. Gone but not forgotten.

Thank you Mike for the huge influence you had on my career.


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