The Ontario Construction Secretariat does a survey every year and I often only post a few pages.

After reviewing this document, I thought it would be best to share the complete survey with everyone.

If you are an owner, working in the public sector, part of the trades or simply curious then this one is for you.

QCsolver Inc. is a proud member of the Toronto Construction Association and you may want to contact Jeff MacIntyre. We are also a member of his group. .

Our goal in 2024 is to add more value in order to help the thousands of contractors and suppliers that maintain their profile in our portal. We want to help them get more business and to continue to be successful.

From the survey results we know that contractors believe that new technologies are important to the future of their business. 71% had this opinion in 2018 and in 2024 it was up to 83% (page 9). Their goal with the software was to increase productivity, reduce cost and gaine a competitive advantage. Thankfully QCsolver can help with all three (page 10).

What is stopping them? Cost or budget (32%), lack of evidence of ROI (22%), training requirements (22%) and lack of awareness (14%). Our solution is low or no cost which equates to an excellent ROI. We do the work so there is limited training needed. We are now posting, phoning and attending conferences to increase awareness.

Interested in learning more then message me.



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