I just finished doing a huge travel agenda visiting Kinetic members in suppliers. In 4 short weeks I was in BC, AB, SK, MB, NB and NS. I got a chance to talk to hundreds of people and got a huge amount of positive feedback.

Now for the challenge. I have about 135 tasks to complete and they have to be done in a quick and efficient manner. We at Kinetic pride ourselves on our level of customer service. Taking too long to follow up just isn’t an option.

In order to make sure that I meet my own personal objectives, I am going to use the decision matrix below. You might want to review this matrix and see if it can help you with your tasks/projects.

In Quadrant 4, I will keep my LinkedIn posts as I gain a lot of information by being active on this platform. I will also watch TV as everyone should have some down time.

In Quadrant 3, I am going to try and avoid distractions.

In Quadrant 2, I am going to rest (see Quadrant 4) and focus on strategy & goals.

In Quadrant 1, I will do extra work on deadline driven projects.

I will delegate some tasks, remove those that shouldn’t be on the list and try not to worry about things out of my control.


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