I hear from a lot of new Canadians say that they can’t get a job because they don’t have Canadian experience.

What I know is that Human Resource professionals are not in the habit of discriminating. They do have to determine if a candidate has what the company and the hiring manager needs.

Here are 3 things you could do to make their job easier as they review hundreds of resumes.

1) When describing the job you had with your last company make sure that you provide them with an understanding of what the company does and how big are they (employees and size). Canadians will have no idea and might not have the time to do research. The extra data might help them see your transferable skills.

2) The same is true when you outline your education. Again it helps to show the size, importance or ranking. Maybe provide a comparison between your school and a similar Canadian institution.

3) Resist adding languages unless it is directly applicable to the job you want. It is alright to be proud of your heritage. Just keep in mind that the person reading your resume might come to the wrong conclusion that your communication and writing skills might not be as strong as they would like.

Hope this helps just a bit.


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