LinkedIn is a Top 20 global website (1.6B visits/month):

People looking for internships/jobs: Employers have told me that they will NOT consider a student if they do NOT have a strong professional LinkedIn presence…

How to effectively join LinkedIn. There are instances where his former students found new jobs & they were not even looking (i.e., poaching)!

The 8 Biggest Mistakes People Make With Their LinkedIn Profile And How To Avoid Them:

Should you get creative with your resume? Experts decide whether you’re more likely to land your dream job:

New to the job market? These 5 ‘soft’ skills could give young workers an edge, according to LinkedIn:

LinkedIn and Resume Insights for Supply Chain Students!

A SKILLS first job market (not degree?)? Hmm. That makes the Skills section of your resume and LI profile a little more important.

Also, most employers will not even look at your resume if it looks like a lazy effort. Aesthetics matter! Interviewing tools (>100 pages from WMU):

Yale advice: &
Harvard: &

Should you negotiate a job offer (i.e., a higher starting salary)?

STAR job interviews & online robots…

For details on how to build your brand:
Similar to MBTI:

Help with online interviews…
Practice before it really matters…

Resume advice…

Delay graduation for experience?
Right time for grad school?
Problem solving #1 skill set…

“The number of US job postings for supply chain managers on LinkedIn more than doubled between 2019 & 2022, according to data shared w/ the Financial Times.”


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