There are risks with every job, and some are more risky than others. I thought it would make sense for you to see which suppliers should be monitored a bit closer. You can see from the chart that the greater the risk, the greater the cost for general liability insurance.

I am not surprised to see roofers at the top of the list. Unfortunately, to be a roofer, all you need is a truck and a ladder, which means there are a lot of smaller and perhaps less trained companies out there.

QCsolver’s system is designed to help out by gathering all the supporting documentation so you don’t have to. In fact, some of the best roofing companies can be found in our supplier database. We also have suppliers in all of the services and trades mentioned in this Insureon image.

Want an easier way to source reputable suppliers? Then QCsolver just might be what you have been looking for.


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