This is a question I ask a lot when I mentor a new Canadian. I am curious about what they know and what they hear. It is amazing that some Canadians take for granted what others see as a huge benefit.

I found this guide a few years back and thought it would be a great document to share. The content covers what the new Canadians are telling me.

Why QCsolver Inc.?

I like the idea of investing in Canada. In fact, what I am doing is investing in QCsolver Inc. and adding local jobs and opportunities. We have embraced the idea of growth and since May 2023 we have added two co-op computer application students from Conestoga College to our development team.

We are also supporting Waterloo Region District School Board high school program and we have 2 Jacob High School students in our office gaining real-world experiences.

We are serious about giving students and new Canadians a chance to learn and grow.

Our latest initiative involves finding those who would like to learn and gain new skills while remaining gainfully employed with their current employer. All these people need is a little helping hand to grow their careers.



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