It would seem to me based on various observations and conversations, that creating, managing, and keeping track of contracts is becoming a huge challenge.

At QCsolver Inc. we take care of the last part and you can focus on the first two.

Here is your challenge: What I would like you to do is pick 10 suppliers. These are suppliers where you know there is a contract. Now see how quickly you can find all 10. Then go to the signature page and verify that all the documents have been signed by both parties. The next part is a bit harder. Check to see what was included for insurance coverage and find a valid copy of the insurance naming your organization.

Any time I have done this exercise for a client, I have found that something is missing 20% of the time.

If you were using QCsolver Inc. you would have your answers in less than 10 minutes. 🙂

Supply Chain is way too challenging and I do like to help. You can use this excellent document from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to assist you with the other two parts of the equation.


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