Finding products and suppliers isn’t magic. It is challenging and it does take a lot of hard work and maybe even some luck.

There are several ways that I try and assist. This post is a nice reminder or refresher so that you can explore other options. Efrata Denny covers the various methods you might want to review. It also would be a very practical guide if you have to study for an exam.

A second way I help is to promote those who are trying to make sourcing easier. You should check out and Jill Button, CSCMP.

The third way would be for you to use the collaboration function built right into QCsolver Inc.

What does this mean? If you are part of a larger group then you can agree to share your list of suppliers. An example would be a municipality, school board, hydro company, a College, a University, and a hospital all having shared supplier visibility. This collaboration becomes the one source of truth and dramatically speeds up the sourcing process.


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