I try and make sure that I only post content that is in the public domain. I am not sure about this document so if you see this post, then I would suggest you download the document before I am asked to delete the handout.

Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education produces some of the best material and content and if we are all lucky this resources will be available for a while.

I just love the title “Crafting Results Driven RFP”.

Creating the proper request for proposal is a combination of technical skills and a little bit of common sense.

In fact you would be amazed how often common sense is missing and then suppliers are challenged when trying to respond to a request.

I thought I would help out a bit and work with Pina Melchionna and the great folks at CITT and put together a webinar on how to properly draft a request for proposal. Stay tuned in the fall for a few special announcements.

Just one more thing that QCsolver Inc. does to make a difference.


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