In fact I have failed more than most since I am always trying new and exciting […]
Google is great when it comes to finding presentations that need to be shared. This one […]
A number of people that I know are feeling a bit burnt out. I found this […]
I thought that this was funny but also a little sad. Sad because in the world […]
What I want to be is different. A blend of a lot of interests and knowledge […]
Peter’s laws are a refreshing way to look at life.
Simply, I make a lot of mistakes. Thankfully not the same one over and over. I […]
There are a lot of hints on how to do things well. Here is a list […]
If you want to ensure that the people you work with are satisfied with their job […]
The other day I was talking to someone about their ability to remember names. It would […]
We all have to work with others. It would be great if we could read minds […]
I would like to think that I make more mistakes than a lot of other people. […]
Doing this is what will make you special and stand out in a crowd.
It might be easier than you think to be a good leader. Here is a skill […]