I have 3 kids.

Let’s name them RFI, RFQ and RFP. Maybe you have the same type of kids that I have. I know we are not supposed to play favorites, but RFP is all anyone is talking about. You ask them questions, and they give you choices, opportunities, flexibility and great discussions. What isn’t there to love about RFP?

The second child gets a bit more attention. Not much is ever written about RFQ since you know what you need from them, and they give you what you want.

The last and forgotten child is RFI., the sibling that looks somewhat like the others but not really. When you ask RFI a question, you will either get a blank stare or you will be ignored. Sometimes you will get a standard response but what you were looking for is more.

RFI doesn’t answer because they don’t care. They just don’t know what you are going to do with the answer. Are you going to take it and give it to someone else and give them credit? Are you going to waste a lot of their time, and they rarely get a chance to shine?

When RFI does respond, it is because they are seeking approval. They are part of the family and they don’t want to not answer, which means you hear what you probably already know.

Maybe it is time to devise a better and more loving way to work with RFI.


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