I am often asked this question and the challenge is that we tend to do so much that it might be a bit confusing. First of all, we are a company that blends supply chain excellence with software technical skills.

Soon, we might be called an overnight success which would be ironic since I started my supply chain journey in 1978. This year I am celebrating 35 fantastic years of doing what I love.

The knowledge base started with my first job with a small manufacturer located in Kitchener. It was then off to the University of Waterloo as a buyer and then the City of Cambridge Ontario as their Director of Purchasing. A few years passed then on to IBM as a demand forecaster and database administrator.

Lots of chances to build skills and knowledge and was able to be part of a team that specialized in selecting and installing ERP systems.

Saw a need and created an information management software system while at The Cooperators and then a #contractmanagement at OpenText.

In 2007 we started to work on QCsolver Inc. with McMaster University and further improved our system when we added York University in 2012.

Now we have you covered with what you need in order to become even more operationally efficient (see attached pdf).

I am reaching out and scheduling discovery calls so that more people are aware of our portal and team and then they can take advantage of what we do.

With any luck, you will be interested in learning more. If you are then feel free to send me an email to geraldf@qcsolver.ca


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