Ravi Nishant created this nice little summary. Sales and operations planning is a very complex beast, to say the least.

When I worked at IBM, my job title was Demand Planning Advisory Analyst. A different way to describe S&OP. Interestingly when I applied to be on the Purchasing Management Association of Canada’s national board, my position wasn’t deemed to be part of purchasing.

Now everything is under the Supply Chain umbrella and yet a few areas are not as well known. Which is why I am dedicating this post to two pioneers.

Today I am going to showcase two individuals that I know very well. The first is Carol Ptak who is a leader in her field. Her company is Demand Driven Institute. I am fortunate to have met Carol on several occasions and she is a delight to listen to. If you get a chance to hear her speak or attend one of your workshops then you have to go.

The second person is also someone that I respect a lot. What he has done is create a set of tools that assist an organization in maximizing its S&OP efficiencies.

Doug Dedman and his company DBM Systems Ltd. have worked with a lot of name-recognized and worldwide organizations. Doug has contributed a lot to the supply chain profession.

If you are looking for someone that can also help you in this and other areas then might I suggest that you connect with Ravi Nishant. I hear that for a limited time, he is available.


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