I thought I would dedicate this post to those who have made the cover of the Supply Professional magazine. They are truly leaders when it comes to supply chain in Canada.

I am also grateful to Michael Power who is the editor of a magazine with over 18,000 subscribers. Thankfully he has asked me to take another one of my LinkedIn posts and create an article to share with his readers.

This December issue is my 3rd published Supply Pro article and I thought I would include the links to the magazines in case you hadn’t seen the previous issues.

For this issue, I asked Marty Luciw of Grainger Canada to provide me with facts to back up my own observations. After all, if you can’t measure it then is it worth doing? Thank you, Marty!

If by chance you have missed any of my previous posts then you can always visit QCsolver Inc. and go to my blog section. https://qcsolver.com/blog/

Over the last year, I have gained over 4500 followers and I do appreciate your likes and comments.

Beginning next week I will be reposting my best LinkedIn posts of 2023. Each post will allow you the opportunity to download material that you can review later. After all, knowledge is power and sharing is an even greater power.

One last comment that I will make. Every January, a lot of people make goals that they would like to accomplish. I have two for next year. The first is to continue to add value to my profession. The second which might help me with the first is to make (if warranted) the cover of the June issue of Supply Professional magazine. 🙂

My motto is very simple if you don’t ask then you will never get.

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