I have my philosophy when it comes to how to be successful. The one that I tend to use the most is to surround myself with people who are smarter or more knowledgeable than I am.

Joël Collin-Demers is someone who has been acknowledged by his peers to be a leader in his field. This post showcases one of his many contributions and you can also subscribe to his newsletter. https://lnkd.in/ef_NUKza

When you check out this document pay particular attention to one concept that will ensure your success when it comes to any type of supply chain software implementation. Keep the system “vanilla” which when I do this type of work means no software changes until 3 months after the “go live” date. Keep this one mantra in mind and you are well on your way to success.

QCsolver Inc. still does software reviews, recommendations, and implementations. We are always willing to assist and most of all collaborate when the project is a right fit.


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