There are several things that my company does that we believe adds value.

Efrata Denny created this great guide to get you started and like any good recipe we are going to add few more ingredients to make it even better.

You need to add one column so that you can review the spend by category. Easier said then done as a lot of ERP systems are not set up to track this information. Rather they use a General Ledger code which allows all sorts of different items to be in one GL Code.

At QCsolver Inc. we insert the categories for 80% of our client’s spend. We do this as part of our normal onboarding process.

We add another column to indicate if the client should have a contract for the supplier. We then add one more column to indicate if the supplier they are dealing with is a high risk. Which means the supplier is doing physical work at your location. Or specialized insurance is needed to cover potential risk. All this can and is tracked in QCsolver Inc.‘s online platform.

Spend analysis is also done by one of our associates Wolfe Procurement.


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